History of Organization in Europe


In October 2014, the organization was founded as "ORANG-ORANG Organization for Human" in London.

Its activities to combat human rights violations have intensified in Southeast Asia (Indonesia and Malaysia).

Tasks include advising and assisting with human rights
injuries and their victims.


Projects such as the establishment of a European vocational training system for trade and crafts in Southeast Asia and support for immigrants with the support of local authorities in 2014 - 2016.


At the end of 2015, the organization name was changed to "PRO Human Rights Organization CLG".

In October 2016, the new European Headquarters was established in Edinburgh (Scotland) - "SOCHAIR Organization (Europe)", and the London office was restricted as "SOCHAIR Organization (United Kingdom)" for the UK.


On 17 July 2017 the "SOCHAIR Organization (Germany) e.V." founded.

It is a non-profit body of private law in accordance with the communication pursuant to Article 60a paragraph 1 of the Tax Code of the tax office Wilhelmshaven of 19 July 2017. It represents the tasks of the organization in the Federal Republic of Germany.


In March 2018, the National Operation Office in Austria and Switzerland will open the National Operation Office in the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium at the end of September 2018.